10 FREE Cup Cozy Crochet Patterns

Cup Cozy’s are the best things to make to get rid of all the Scarp yarn you have lying around! Between the appliques and the small coffee cowl your Scrap yarn will be gone before you know it. Cup cozy’s are also the perfect gift/craft fair project! They sell like hot cakes because everyone drinks either coffee or tea, am I right?

  1. Hello Kitty is so cute and this Hello Kitty cup cozy is the pattern for any Hello Kitty fan.
  2. This Owl Cup Cozy was also featured in my 10 Free Crochet Owl Patterns post. It’s definitely a hoot!
  3. You would be bananas to not want this Hunky Monkey cup cozy on your morning coffee. He is the perfect way to start off your day!
  4. How cute is this Flower Cup Cozy? There are so many different flowers that would look great on this cup cozy! Check out my 10 Free Crochet Flower Patterns for more options.
  5. This Cup Cozy Crochet Pattern With A Heart is a great simple pattern.
  6. I love this Mug Cozy! Hello rainbow! For more rainbow patterns you should check out my 10 Free Crochet Rainbow Patterns!
  7. This Give Me Some Sugar cup cozy is so perfect and so efficient. It comes equipped with a little pocket for your sugar or tea bags!
  8. I love this Crooked Coffee Cozy by Daniel Pink Designs.
  9. This Breast Cancer Awareness Cozy is so cute. For more patterns on Breast Cancer Awareness check out my Pretty In Pink Round Up.
  10. Is it a Cupcake or a Cup cozy? It must be a Cupcake Cup Cozy!

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