10 FREE Cowl Crochet Patterns

FREE Cowl Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
  1. Looking for a quick and easy pattern? This Chunky Cowl has you covered! Using only double crochets and one skein of chunky yarn you’ll have this cowl done in no time!
  2. Another multi-purpose cowl for your consumption! This Cathedral Convertible Cowl can be worn in so many ways so it suits everyone’s personal needs.
  3. This Alicia Cowl looks great! I love braids! This pattern is super chunky because it’s braided with 4 strands rather than 3.
  4. Designing this Textured Fan Cowl was so much fun and so easy. The texture is so different than anything I’ve seen before!
  5. This Fringed Cowl would look amazing for almost any season! Reminds me a lot of a crocheted collar!
  6. How cute and simple is this Dewey DeciCowl I absolutely love any pattern that has some kind of cinched area on it!
  7. This Emma Trifecta Cowl is blowing my mind! Why didn’t I think of something like this?
  8. For all of you looking for a nice cowl pattern this Winter Waves Cowl is perfect! Customize the colors to suit your needs! Personally I am going to be making several of these for all the upcoming craft fairs.
  9. I love lacy patterns and I love shell stitch, so, I designed this Stacked Shells Cowl!
  10. I love the texture of this Knit Like crochet cowl! it is so adorable and simple!

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