FREE Baby Hat Crochet Patterns

Everyone loves crocheting hats for newborn babies. It’s so amazing to be reminded of how tiny and delicate new life is! With these 10 free baby hat crochet patterns you can make an amazing gift or photo prop for any little one.

  1. I love this Cowboy Hat! This pattern is so cute. You can make a whole set with a vest, chaps and even cowboy boots!
  2. This Red Apple Hat would be the perfect gift for a pregnant teacher! A+ all the way around!
  3. This Cupcake Hat looks absolutely adorable. From the sprinkles to the frosting all the way to the cherry on top, this hat will make your little one look even sweeter!
  4. Though this Brimmed Hat pattern doesn’t specifically call for cotton yarn, I would suggest it! This would make an amazing sunhat for the summer!
  5. This Raspberry Hat is so clever! Why didn’t I think of this! You can even leave off the leaves and stem and make it a plain bobble hat.
  6. Sometimes it’s hard to make your baby keep a crocheted crown on their head. But with this Crown Hat your little one could look just as cute and keep it on their head. So much easier and warmer!!
  7. For some reason everyone loves strawberry patterns. So, I saved the best for last! This Strawberry Hat is so cute!!! It is one of the best one I have seen out there by far! Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me is so talented!
  8. Awaken your inner squirrel with this cute little Baby Acorn Hat. This pattern works up quick and easy and is a great stash buster! Great way to get rid of all those Scrap balls you have been hoarding!
  9. This Button Eskimo Baby Hat looks so cozy for the winter months. And lets face it everyone loves earflaps and pom poms.
  10. This Parisian Sweetheart Slouch Hat is so darling!


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