FREE Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns

These 10 FREE Baby Blanket Crochet patterns are the perfect go to’s to the new addition to your lives!

  1. This Free Baby Blanket crochet pattern by Modern Grace Design is so gorgeous. I would love to try and make this blanket in some variegated yarn. The texture of this stitch looks so fluffy and cushiony. If I was a baby I would love to be swaddled up in this cozy blanket.
  2. I love crocodile stitch. Even though the crocodile stitch is the most time consuming, the payoff  for this Crocodile Stitch Baby Blanket is more than worth all the time and effort. It’s Scaley texture is so eye catching.
  3. Shell stitch is my ultimate favorite go to stitch. If there was such a thing as a close knit lacy pattern the shell stitch would take the cake. This Crochet Shell Stitch Baby Blanket looks so great!
  4. This Neopolitan Ripple looks delicious! This would be a great blanket to lay your little one on for their new born photos. The only photo props you’ll need is a little ice cream cocoon set.
  5. Incase I haven’t said this before, I love the Moogly Blog. Tamara Kelly is such a talented and innovative crocheter. This Leaping Stripes and Blocks blanket pattern is so great for a baby blanket.
  6. This 2 Sided Baby Afghan is one of kind. If you have two favorite colors and you cant decide which one you want the main color and the accent color to be just use both. On one side color 1 is your main color and color 2 is the accent color and on the other side its just the opposite!
  7. The traditional Granny Square Blanket pattern never gets old. It’s simple, quick and definitely a classic. Using any amount of colors you can customize this to your liking and create what feels like a different blanket every time.
  8. This Ripple Puff Stitch by Mypicot would make an amazing blanket. What a gorgeous texture that this pattern makes. This pattern is on my To-do list, not only for a baby blanket, but, for a cowl, vest and maybe even a top of some sort.
  9. This Cool Breeze Baby Ripple blanket by Red Heart really reminds me of waves rippling along the beach. This pattern is clearly written and is a nice break from the usual ripple and chevron blankets.
  10. I love this Lacy Crochet blanket. It looks gorgeous in any kinda color. This blanket it one of the few patterns that I’ve seen where the plain border makes it look so much better. Really lets the texture of the stitches shine through.


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