10 FREE Blanket Knitting Patterns

  1. I love the use or horse shoe cables in this Cuddle Me blanket! Great for both a boy or girl. Even though the pattern calls for DK weighted yarn you can use whatever worsted you have stashed up!
  2. How cute is this Bubble Baby Blanket. I would love to cuddle with my little one under it.
  3. This Baby Tree of Life Blanket is so cute! Incase you don’t already know, this is a mini version of the Tree of Life Heirloom blanket which is equally as gorgeous! Finding out that there was a mini version made me so happy considering I absolutely love the original version.
  4. There is so much you can do with cable work and this Heirloom Bunny Blanket takes the cake for creativity. This blanket would be perfect to make a set with! Just image a little baby on top of it with a little bunny hat a diaper cover on.
  5. This knitted Princess Blanket has an amazing texture and if perfect for any little girl.
  6. This Feather and Fan Blanket is so simple and the results are gorgeous! Once I finish this heart blanket I am going to be starting on this!
  7. Not sure whether its going to be a boy or a girl? Well, with this Diagonal Ribbed Blanket pattern you can create a gender neutral blanket that everyone will love. That is if you use gender neutral colors as well.
  8. There is something about this Serenity baby blanket that makes me smile. I just love patterns that look like they are sprouting from the center!
  9. Everyone knows, if you can’t fall asleep try to count some sheep! And with this Sheep Baby Blanket you can do just that!
  10. I’m am actually currently working on this Heart Blanket right now! I love how in knitting you can change the textures around to make pictures. I have a lot of patterns in mind using this technique.

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