FREE Back To School Crochet Patterns

School is back in session! Can I be the first one to say, HOORAY!! Here are a few back to School crochet patterns.

Free Back to School Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
  1. Pencil Pencil Case for your pencils! Say that 5 times fast!
  2. Hop On The Bus Gus Scarf! You’ll be relieved knowing your child is warm and cozy waiting for the bus. Need I more!?
  3. I love this Shark Pencil Case! Perfect for your little boy.
  4. Kids think this Grin and Bear It Pencil Case is cute. Parents, find it humorous!
  5. How about a pattern for the teachers, eh?  This Apple Cozy is perfect for all those cliche apples the teacher will receive!
  6. Another great pattern for your teacher would be this Cup Cozy! Every teacher drinks coffee! How do you think they make it through the day without self-medicating? That’s right, COFFEE!!
  7. This Pencil Scarf is perfect for when it starts to get chilly!
  8. You’ll never lose your place in a book again with this adorable Mouse Bookmark!!
  9. Cute Apple Coasters for the teachers lounge!
  10. This Boho Backpack is so cute and one of a kind!

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