FREE Baby Dress Crochet Patterns

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited to find out that I was having a girl! I couldn’t wait to get her all dressed up in cute crocheted outfits! That’s when I found so many baby dress crochet patterns. These 10 were my absolute favorite!

These dresses are great to make for a baby shower present or even for your own little one!

  1. This Bumblebee Dress and Hat is a gorgeous dress for any occasion! The flowy skirt is perfect for your little newborns first pictures.
  2. I can’t begin to tell you how cute this little dress is. Though you have to sign up via email, this pattern is a must have. Click here for the link to this beauty.
  3. This dress pattern, entitled Little White Dress Is the perfect gift for a newborn. Easily customizable for both size and occasion! Very quick and easy :). Who wouldn’t want to dress their little girl in a cute  watermelon outfit!!!
  4. This Lady Dress is too cute not to make. So cute for your little bug. Lady bugs were always my things as a child, so, for me this dress was a must make for me!
  5. This Angel Wings Pinafore is another quick and easy pattern. So beautiful and easily customizable for size.
  6. This Sunshine and Marmalade dress reminds me of a little candy corn. So so cute! Could even just use it as your little ones Halloween costume!
  7. This dress is so classy. To get the free pattern, all you have to do is click here and sign up via email. It’s so cute and would look great in any color combination.
  8. This Easy Baby Sundress is definitely easy and quick. Great for a last minute baby shower pattern! Another dress that would be great in any color. You could add any kinda applique to personalize it.
  9. This  Pretty Pinafore for would make a beautiful christening gown. You could increase/decrease the amount of rows of the middle of the skirt to make it as long/short as you wanted.
  10. This lacey crochet Solomon’s Knot Dress is perfect for the summer. It’s open weave creates a great passage for that summer breeze. Though it was challenging to figure out this stitch, when I made the dress I was so pleased with the results.


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