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The Lavender Chair was inspired when I was gifted a small lavender chair at my baby shower for my soon to be daughter, Ava Grace. The Lavender Chair sat in the corner of the living room eagerly awaiting the arrival of little Ava. I started making her booties, hats, dresses, blankets and headbands and they all piled up on the chair.

And that’s when it hit me.

I was going to have a baby. My first baby. I was going to be a mother to a little precious girl. I was going to have a new best friend to do everything with and go everywhere with. I couldn’t have been any happier.

That’s where it finally hit me that my life was going to change forever. That defining moment occurred to me while looking at the lavender chair.

I continue to make crochet patterns, baby items, and tutorials in hopes that my creations will spark that same life changing feeling of happiness that I felt while looking at that lavender chair.

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